Starting to Get Accustomed to the Codebase

Posted by Kevin Tran on 2020-04-12

Starting to get My feet Wet

Aside from working on projects in my free time and learning new things or thinking of solutions for issues in my projects it just feels so much better when your work is actually going towards something that people will use. Now I won't say my internship is regular by any means. There are only two people that code at this startup so I don't have a "project" just yet. Which is fine with me, I'm happy to do bug and feature fixes until I am more comforatble working in the codebase.

I think that's something that took me by surprise is how MASSIVE of a codebase this is, I have never seen or worked on a project with so many parts. But actually seeing the possibilities is cool. I want to take some time to dissect bits and pieces of the codebase because I think that will make me a much better dev.

So far the things I've worked on havent been overly complicated, just two HTML/CSS things I have fixed and I did a little bit of JS today as well but it was fairly basic. We had a list of categories that was too long and just looked messy so I was tasked with taking the top 10 categories that had the most posts in them and just show those. The list of categories was being mapped so it was a prety simple fix of adding the sort method (with a callback function to check the values against each other) and a slice method. And voila! 10 categories showing and amuch cleaner looking list. I think a good next step for this is to maybe not slice them but find a way to implement a show more button so that the other categories are able to be reached.

All in all day two has been pretty successful and I look forward to carrying this momentum throughout the rest of the week.

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