The Struggles

Posted by Kevin Tran on 2020-04-15

It's Rough Out In These Streets

Today was hard, a bunch of issues and I feel as though I didn't really accomplish much. Some of the features/bug fixes that I made I need to fix. One of the biggest issues had to do with the dropdown menu I created. Basically I have to redo the entire thing using material-ui instead of react-materialize which was what was used originally.

A few issues are that material-ui's menu feature requires state to use but this component it goes in is a sfc and using redux. Before I went to deep into redux I figured "let me isolate everything first and make a new component for this and get that working first then move everything into the component it needs to be in.

I do this on code sandbox, make the new file, try to import it and boom big error and the component import breaks the entire app saying I forgot to export it, which I did not. I tried researching and troubleshooting but I just couldn't come to a solution. My brain is pretty fried right now, so I will have to call it a night and regroup with my lead engineer tomorrow for some help.

Yeah it definitely sucks to feel defeated after coming off a good high yesterday, but that's all apart of the learning process right?

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