Fixing A Weird Mistake from my Last Post

Posted by Kevin Tran on 2020-04-20

Small Updates Today

Alright, so, please disregard my previous post about using the componentDidUpdate, I'm not sure why I did that when I knew I needed to do componentDidMount. Trust me when I say that is what I tried first. But for some reason it didn't work originally but it's working now, so I am using DidMount. This is good because I was able to take out the state I was using since now it will only run once instead of 3 times. Other than that I did a few minor tweaks and now my feature addition will be good to go!

I added this to the parent div so that the badge woudln't shift the container when appearing.

postion: relative

I also made some slight changes to the html byt wrapping the a tags in li elements.

I did some slight tweaks to the marketing site and am currently working on adding 'like' and 'follow' features for our facebook and linkedin pages respectively. I mocked it up in photoshop first and will get that to our lead engineer to see what he says. If he approves I will being adding them in the code.

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