I Know, It's Been Awhile

Posted by Kevin Tran on 2020-05-05

Been Super Busy

I've done a lot in the last two weeks. I've been so busy that I just didn't have the cognitive resources to keep up with these posts, but I guess that's also a good thing considering I have been doing a ton of coding. I don't even know where to start really, but let's go with this. I used to have my blod and porfolio separate and hosted on different platforms, surge and netlify, which I highly recommend for static site hosting, super easy and fast. But if you're reading this post it means you're on sesouk.com! Woohoo! I moved all my hosting to netlify for one very important reason, they have a feature that allows for form management and submission without having configure a backend. It is super easy to set up and get going. They include 100 free submissions to be STORED each month, but if you consistently delete them you will continue to have more submissions! I also had my blog created in Gatsby and my portfolio in React, but I combined them to both be in Gatsby because it is so easy to make blog posts in Gatsby. Aside for combining the two I also added additional styling just to give a bit of color to my portfolio.

Over the last two weeks I have also completed my first freelance project for a client starting his own 3d Printing business, this was great experience for me, being able tow ork with a client and make sure they are satisified witht he product and what they need was something that I hadn't experienced fully yet. I was given a basic outline and guide of what the client wanted and I made a version, showed the client and tweaked the site until the client was satisfied. The code can be found here along with a brief description of technologies used. Now I would like to welcome you to Proto 3design!

I have been coding a lot and learning for my internship as well. I have been working on adding a parameter to a search query so that the client can sort their reservations by properties. I had a lot of trial and error with this feature addition. I eventually got to a point where I got stuck and maybe overcomplicated the problem for myself so i asked my elad engineer for help. He was very helpful in explaining things and helping me understand, I had originally thought this dropdown would be client side rendering but we are actually doing server side rendering for this because there are just so many items that can be queried it would be extremely slow with how many items there could possibly be. In my personal projects I never really thought about it that way since I never dealt with so much data so this was really good for me. I then started to work on the code further and followed up with him again for another code review, that went well and he helped me clean up any code issues I still had.

The next item that he went over with me is improving the live-chat connection functionality. For this he wanted me to look into websockets and pusher.js which I did and then I followed up with him again about how exactly we want this to work. I did this again just to make sure because he would rather have me ask questions and make sure I'm coding things towards the correct goal than having to recode several times. This is hard for me but good for my growth, I have never been one to ask for a lot of help, I'm usually the one being asked so it's good to be able to have this so I can grow and learn. But the jist of what we want to do for this improvement is if a client loses connection to the chat they sometiems miss messages, so what we want to do is check for when connection is lost and if connection is lost and reconnected we will fetch the messages since last time they were connected. Using pusher we are able to monitor the previous and current states of the connection. I have to do some testing to see what the states are when a connection is lost and reconnected. From there I would do a sort of if statement to fetch the messages based off of those two sequences of connections.

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