Small Update for Today

Posted by Kevin Tran on 2020-04-17

Getting Things Working

I felt as though I ended the week at a pretty good point. I made some significant strides with the MutationObserver. I was able to successfully clone the element and position it where I needed to in the DOM for it to show up. I now just have to add a few slight tweaks to make it function how we need it to.

The first step towards that is to refactor the component into a class component so that I will have access to the lifecycle method componentDidMount. That's where the MutationObserver will go and hopefully function correctly.

I will spend this weekend getting this to work so that I have something to show on monday and talk about in the morning stand up. On top of all this I will be working on the styling for this blog and maybe do some work on my personal project, coding can't just be all work or I'll burn myself out. That was some advice from a friend that's been an engineer for a long time.

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