Another 2 Week Update

Posted by Kevin Tran on 2020-05-22

Post 10! We made it to double digits!

Over the last few weeks I finished up another freelance project for a local high school student selling mochi donuts. I designed her logo and built her web site so she could take orders online easier without having to raly only on the unorganized way of getting orders through text or instagram DMs. She gets about 10-15 orders weekly from new customers through the site. I had the same basic concept of netlify and gatsby for her site as I did with my previous client, her form had a bit more to it though since her customers would be using it to make their orders. I also implemented a full JavaScript and SCSS image carousel for her site which I coded from scratch. Her site can be found @ Jada's Mochi Donuts and the code can be found here.

I have started a big refactor in my internship, we are taking out React-Materialize and replacing it with Material-UI. This will be done over the course of several weeks, right now I am finishing up replacing all the icons. It is generally a pretty easy task, there are just a lot of instances of the React-Materialize icons that need to be swapped. The issue is most of the times when I swap the icons I have to edit the styling as well. Again, not difficult but just a little bit more time consuming than we had originally thought. One huge plus is that this is making me jump around the code and understand better how all the components fit together. Previously, most of my work had been pretty isolated but this has been much bigger scale. I hope to be completely done with the icons this weekend and move onto some bigger features and tasks next week.

I have been drilling JavaScript problems a lot lately, I think I may start making blog posts on how to solve some that I come across and thought processes I have when going through them. I find that the more I write something down, or talk about it I learn it better. Solving the solution once is great, but I am not at the point yet where I can skip out on drilling the same problem a few times to really make it stick haha.

Ontop of this, I've also joined a coding group from reddit to help aspiring devs around the world toget together and collaborate on a summer project. I think this is a great way to network and meet people you may not have gotten to meet otherwise. I'm also excited to work on a team and create something awesome, everyone comes from all different backgrounds and uses different technologies so I see myself learning a lot from this opportunity. If you want to learn more about this click right here!

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