My Journey

Hi, I'm currently a Freelance JavaScript Developer and Graphic Designer.

I attended the University of Colorado Denver where I took credits towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. I eventually found a different calling in life and moved to Phoenix, Arizona to attend a Web Development bootcamp to learn coding. I fell in love with coding because of all the ever-growing possibilities in technology. Since I have experience in Photoshop and Illustrator editing and creating from scratch, I have a sense for what is appealing to a user’s eye. I am able to combine this with my experience in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and React to make visually appealing web apps.

I am currently spending my time carefully reviewing job postings, reaching out to connections while also trying to continue and expand my knowledge in different areas of programming. I am currently taking Meta's Backend Development course through Coursera to improve my knowledge of the backend.

I have worked on several web apps both by myself and with a team. I am proficient in React, Node, Express, and PostgreSQL as the majority of my apps have been built off of those. I believe that my experience working with and without a team has made me a better developer because I can develop a web app by myself or I can create code that will function with others code while delivering a viable product on short deadlines. I also learned how to resolve conflicts with other team members in a professional manner.

I spent some time as a Software Developer Intern for Whistle Messaging Inc. Being able to be a software developer at a small startup I get exposure to all parts of the code is amazing to continually learn new technologies. I worked on feature additions, bug fixes, and refactoring code. I was involved in daily standups with the co-founders and lead engineer.

My last two positions I was an Implementation Specialist II and Implementation Engineer for Inovalon and Shoptelligence. I wore many hats while working in both these positions and got to learn a lot. I fulfilled multiple roles as implementation engineer, project manager, client success manager, and technical support. I also was able to utilize my coding abilities by updating and maintaining MySQL databases while utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to write scripts for Google Tag Manager.

I am searching for a role as either a developer, implementation engineer, or technical project manager. I am currently located in Colorado but I am more than happy to relocate for the right role or continue to work remote. I believe my combination of experience and passion to continually learn and improve myself will make me a great asset to any type of company.

Kevin Tran